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I'm Tina, a journalism graduate from Northwestern University and the University of Missouri-Columbia.


I most recently worked for Adobe as a contractor Experience Researcher for Adobe Experience Cloud solutions. Previously, I worked for HiLink, an early-stage EdTech SaaS startup, as a full-time product marketer, part-time web designer, and other-times user researcher — we all know how busy it can get at a fast-growing startup!

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My Story

Born and raised in Zhuhai, China — a city bordering Macau with a population of 2.5 million — I have traveled quite a bit and lived in big cities for almost my whole life. It was very difficult for me to move to Missouri in 2018. The culture shock hit me so hard that it became the first time in my life when I couldn't fully be myself, the "outgoing girl who gets along with almost everybody."


Being a minority in the Midwest and the journalism field, I often felt voiceless and marginalized. Not because I was too afraid to speak up, but because I seldom felt heard.


Over the years, I've realized that just like me, so many people's voices get lost in the sea of opinions and cognitive biases. As valuable as these voices are, they are often left unheard.

My Passion

Luckily, as a journalist, I brought my creativity, curiosity, empathy, and strong communication skills into creating compelling content to amplify those voices. And now as an innovator, I empathize with users to find their implicit and explicit needs. I then work collaboratively with designers and engineers to deliver useful human-centered product solutions.

Building connections with people and making an impact on their lives has always been my passion, and my love for problem-solving has led me to pivot from traditional journalism to product design and management.


My Hobbies

When I'm not at work, you can catch me walking (sometimes journaling) in parks, listening to podcasts, drinking boba, or at a bar listening to live Jazz. I also enjoy cooking, playing piano, designing my own crafts, and doing so much more! After all, I am a classic ENFP who never stops exploring and learning.

Learn more about my work here or download my résumé here. Thanks for stopping by!

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