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From zero to one, building an app that college students said they needed

How might we help college students build a healthy lifestyle? How might we introduce routines and structures into their lives?

Group Project • NUvention Web+Media

The Challenge

Design an app for college students and young professionals

The Outcome

  • Launched the MVP in TestFlight (for iOS users) and Expo Go (for Android users)

  • Established a business partnership with CouponCabin


Project & Product Manager

UX Researcher

Business & Marketing Analyst

Content Strategist

Project Duration

5 months

Tools Used

  • Collaboration: Google Suite, Zoom, Slack, Linear (project tracking tool), Mural

  • Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, Facebook Ads Manager

  • Video Production: Adobe Premiere & After Effects

  • Design: Figma

Skills Used

  • Problem-Solving, Time Management, Public Speaking, Cross-Functional Team Communication

  • Interviewing, Usability Testing

  • Market Research, Content Strategy


Together is a habit incubator app that helps people who struggle to exercise regularly build a consistent workout habit together with their friends.


For this entrepreneurship project, I worked on a team of seven people (three software developers, two UX/UI designers, two journalists/content strategists) to design this mobile app.

Primary users

College students and young professionals — users in a transitioning life period that are in need of structures in life




  • Led a team of software engineers and designers to research, develop and launch an MVP in 5 months 

  • Designed a survey to discover user pain points and informed brainstorming sessions with findings from 50 responses

  • Conducted 22 out of 79 user and expert interviews

  • Led usability tests to improve user experience and prioritize undeveloped features 

  • Led the marketing research in branding, competitor analysis, audience acquisition, and B2B relationship building

  • Pitched the demo to an advisory board of 20+ entrepreneurs and investors (link to the video recording)

Key findings & learnings

1. Does the product solution work? Our users said yes!

After a 2-week trial, 88% of the early users reported that Together helped them improve their physical health, and 70% said that working out with Together felt awesome and charged them with energy (see user testimonial above in slide 10).

2. The collaboration model is more motivating to our users than the competition model widely used in the current market (e.g. friend competition in the Apple Watch fitness app)

When we paired our users into groups of two with either friends or strangers, users in collaborative groups are far more successful in reaching their workout goals compared to those in the competitive groups, so we eventually decided on building that collaboration approach into our app.

Design methods

Human-Centered Design, Agile Product Management

Research/testing methods

  • Qualitative user research: 3 online surveys via Google Form and Instagram story; 79 user/expert/business partner interviews

  • Product solution validation: a 2-week concierge test (10 human users divided into 5 controlled groups, process monitored by researchers via text groups)

  • Feature prioritization: 2 buy-a-feature user tests (6 user participants)

  • Audience acquisition tests: a 15-day Facebook paid social media campaign; a landing page test

  • Business model validation: established partnership with Coupon Cabin; consultation with and validation from expert interviews, B2B partner interviews, demo launch event, and investor-facing MVP pitch event

For more details and learnings about the project, please email

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